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Starlight Foundation

The Starlight Foundation is a fifteen year-old children's charity started by Peter Samuelson and Emma Samms, with the granting of one wish. Now, the charity has grown to 13 chapters internationally, all with the goal of granting wishes to terminally ill children.

Through corporate sponsers, donations, and both celebrity and ordinary volunteers, the Foundation offers a variety of programs to help brighten the life of terminally ill children, ranging from outpatient programs such as wish granting and pen pals, to inpatient programs such as fun centers, Starlight rooms, and hospital parties.

If you're interested in learning more about the Starlight Foundation, please vist their website

The Peter Westbrook Foundation

Founded in 1991 by Olympic fencing medalist Peter Westbrook, the Peter Westbrook Foundation provides an escape from the streets for inner city children of New York City. The Foundation uses the sport of fencing to teach the children not only discipline, but also how to be good losers as well as winners, and that their actions do influence their lives. Many of the participants compete in fencing events around the world..all at no cost to them.

The program does not focus only on fencing, however. Education is stressed through the foundations tutoring program, the Foundation has been instrumental in placing participants in top colleges all over the country. The Foundation also brings in speakers from various walks of life to expose kids from the inner city to careers they never dreamed possible.

If you'd like to learn more about the Peter Westbrook Foundation, please visit their website

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