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The can of Pledge fizzled and then emitted nothing but a burst of air. The can was empty

"Man.." Wade Mallory sighed. It was raining, so she'd decided to take advantage of the bad weather and get stuff done around the house. It'd only been six months since she'd last taken a vacation, but it felt more like six years. She tossed the dustrag on the small hutch behind the table. It slipped and fell to the floor.. As she knelt to pick it up, she noticed a folded piece of paper on the floor, barely visible under the hutch. She slid her slim arm behind the hutch and retrieved it. She opened the paper. It was a letter to her. She sat at the table, reading it. As she did so, a smile spread across her face.

She headed into the living room, where her husband was watching a baseball game on the TV and grading some tests. She stood in the entrance, smiling at him.

"Quinn Mallory!" she said, trying to sound mad but fighting a losing battle with her mouth.

He looked up at her. " Honey, I promise, as soon as I get done here, I'm gonna look at that garbage disposal."

"Forget the garbage disposal." She walked over to where he was sitting, plopped down onto his lap and wrapped him in a hug. He looked confused, but kissed her anyway.

"OK, what garbage disposal?" he joked. "Maybe I should forget to do things more often!"

"Only if they're as nice as this," she said, waving a piece of yellow paper under his nose. "Why didn't you ever give me this?"

"A piece of legal paper? Well, I suppose it's cheaper than diamonds.." he grinned.

"Silly," she laughed, rumpling his hair. "It's not the paper, it's what's on it. You haven't written me a love letter like this since we were first dating!" She failed to notice the look of utter confusion on his face.

She kissed him again. Quinn had no idea what letter his wife was talking about, but he didn't have the heart to tell her.

Thanks for reading--hope you liked it. I'm currently working on another fanfic which takes place after this one. I'll post parts of it soon, even though it isn't completed yet.

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