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"OK, OK..." Quinn said, his pacing increasing with every minute. "We have to stay calm. We can get her out of this. We just have to think of a plan." He hoped if he said those words often enough, he would begin to believe them.

"How? How are we gonna do that, Quinn? We're stuck in this room. We can't leave, we can't bail her out--we don't even know where she *is*! And we've got no contacts on the outside who can help us! The only people we could really trust on this world slid off it with us the last time we were here!" Rembrandt tried to fight the rising panic in his voice, but it wasn't going well.

At Rembrandt's last comment, Quinn looked up. "Umm..that's not exactly true."

"What are you talking about, Quinn? David and Diana are gone--we're here alone!"

"There's someone else here who can help us," Quinn said, as he grabbed one of the dresses and started to pull it over his head. "I'll have to get to her place...if I can remember where it was."

"What?! Who are you talking about? And look out there man--it's the middle of the day. The place is crawling with people--you wouldn't even get two feet outside this door!" Rembrandt said.

Quinn sighed. He didn't want to get into details regarding his involvement on this world. "Let's just say there is someone here who can help us and leave it at that," he said, struggling on with his shoes.

"No," Rembrandt said, grabbing Quinn's arm. "You're not going anywhere until you tell me who this person is."

Quinn shook his head. "All right, all right. Her name is Jane--she helped me last time I was here. She picked me up and helped me get away from the BRP after they raided David and Diana's." Quinn decided to conveniently "forget" the rest of the story for now.

"And how do you know she even still lives here..or that she didn't get thrown in jail for helping you?" Rembrandt asked.

"I don't," Quinn responded. "But right now, it's the only plan we have. And it's the only way we can get Wade out."

"I know," Rembrandt relented. "But at least wait until dark. It'll be easier to get around. And they aren't gonna execute Wade--at least not today," he added sarcastically.

Quinn thought about it. Rembrandt was right. Rushing off would only cause more problems. Better to wait until dark provided a cover.

"OK," he said to Rembrandt. "I'll wait till about 7--it'll be dusk then and I can move around easier."

"You mean we can move around easier," Rembrandt corrected him.

"No, I mean I. Look--you need to stay here. That way, if I get caught, at least you'll still be free and have a chance to get Wade out, or at least slide out of here."

"Yeah, yeah--I know. You're right," Rembrandt responded. "It was worth a shot though."

"But," Quinn added, "we still need some sort of plan." He cleared off the small table and sat down at it. "So....any suggestions?"

Rembrandt crossed the room and sat opposite Quinn. The two men began to hash out a plan that they both hoped would be successful.

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