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A week later, the three adults and small child stood in a deserted spot in the park.The little girl clutched her small stuffed dog in one hand, while her other hand grasped the hand of the red haired woman next to her.

Quinn knelt so he was on eye level with his daughter. "Megan? Are you really OK at staying here with Wade? Because if you want, I can stay here too."

The little girl nodded. She didn't quite understand why he had to leave, but he had promised to come back. "You'll come back?" she asked, one more time just to be sure.

"I promise. Scout's honor," Quinn replied. "I'm coming back, and then you and I will be together for good, I promise."

The little girl smiled at him, although her chin trembled with impending tears. "OK," she said.

Quinn took the little girl in his arms and hugged her to him, not wanting to let her go, but knowing he had to. " I love you. You be good, and mind Wade. She's going to take good care of you."

Quinn gave silent thanks that Megan had taken to Wade almost as quickly as she'd taken to him. Wade had almost become a surrogate mother to her, and Megan had rarely left her side, not even when they scattered Jane's ashes off of the Golden Gate Bridge down into the Bay. Wade had told Megan they were sending her mother off to heaven by doing that, where she would be an angel who would watch over Megan. Megan seemed to like that idea. She still cried herself to sleep at night, but she was slowly recovering. Kids her age were pretty resilient, Quinn thought.

He kissed the top of Megan's head, and released her. He stood up, tousling her hair. He locked eyes with Wade, trying to think of everything he wanted to say to her. They'd been so busy over the last week, he and Wade had hardly had any time together. Quinn had taken the last of their money and set Wade and Megan up in a small furnished apartment they'd managed to sublet from a student who wanted out of his lease. Wade had managed to land a job as a manager at Doppler Computers--where she would be Hurley's boss, which amused Quinn and Wade to no end. Wade vowed to Quinn that it was now paypack time for all the grief their old boss had given them.

Rembrandt came up from behind, timer in hand. "It's time," he said. He put an arm around Wade's shoulders. "You sure about this, sweetheart?"

Wade nodded and hugged Rembrandt. "Just watch out for him," she whispered, indicating Quinn.

"You know it," Rembrandt whispered back. "Man, I'm gonna miss you something fierce," he said, trying to keep from crying.

"I'll miss you too Remmie," Wade answered. "So find home and come back and get us--pronto!" she said, trying to smile through her tears.

"I'll do my best," Rembrandt said, kissing Wade on the cheek. He turned to Quinn. "Ready?"

Quinn nodded, and Rembrandt activated the vortex. When it was fully formed, Rembrandt blew a kiss to Wade and Megan, then stepped through.

Quinn stood facing Wade, his back to the vortex. "This is it," he yelled above the rushing wind.

"Go!" Wade shouted back.

"Not yet!" he replied. He took a step toward her, and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her, trying to convey everything he was feeling in that kiss. "Remember, I love you!" he shouted.

"I love you too," she shouted back.

Quinn took one last look at Wade and Megan. He locked eyes with Wade, mouthed the words, "I love you" one last time, and stepped into the vortex. As he did so, he made a vow to himself. No matter what happened, he was coming back for them, with or without finding his home.