Christine Cain asks: How did you get into scriptwriting? Did you attend a film-oriented school or was it fate?

I loved TWILIGHT ZONE, OUTER LIMITS and STAR TREK as a kid. Wrote THE TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION right out of college. Broke into TV writing animation (SMURFS, SUPERFRIENDS, etc.), then segued into live action -- the recent TWILIGHT ZONE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, STAR TREK - TNG, and so on. It wasn't so much fate as obsession.

Temporal Flux asks: If Sliders is picked up for a fifth season (as we all hope it will be), do you see yourself returning in the same capacity or even another capacity in the show's production?

If there's another season, what will my role be? Um, on to the next question...

Kieran asks: Do you know if the SciFi Channel has a policy on the delay between airdates in the US and in Europe? In short, when can we expect to see Sliders here in the UK?

I don't know when it will air in the UK, but I'm sure it will be soon.

Jenae Cook asks: Could they somehow let Sabrina Lloyd visit once in awhile? And even Arturo so he could help them out on some worlds? And if Sabrina can visit, they could let Colin be interested in her so that Quinn would open his eyes a little more and realize he misses her?

As to Wade and Arturo coming back, we won't see that this season, but in the future anything is possible.

Temporal Flux asks: My question is, since JMS is about wrap up his epic saga(B5) on TNT...what would be the chances of getting him to write an episode for Sliders either this season or in the possible season five?

As to JMS (the Great Maker) writing a SLIDERS episode, I'll ask Joe next time I have lunch with him. But I wouldn't count on it...

Spooky Doo asks: Will there be any new Sliders merchandise we can look forward to?

Any new Sliders merchandise? There's an episode guide coming out in paperback, and the Sci-Fi Channel will have a cool website. Beyond that, we'll see what develops.

Spooky Doo asks: Where can I find scripts from the show?

At this point, we don't send out scripts, so I wouldn't know what to suggest.

Spooky Doo asks: Will Remmy sing any new songs?

Remmy sings a song Cleavant composed in "Asylum," a love story written by Bill Dial.

Spooky Doo asks: What episodes have been filmed so far?

Which episodes have been filmed so far? We're currently filiming our 15th episode this season -- out of 22. I don't want to give out all the specifics (let's leave some surprises), but there's a wide variety of stories taking place on many delightful and surprising alternate Earths. Best of all, each of our main characters gets to take center stage in several episodes, so it's a true ensemble.

Viricide asks: My question is will the direction of the show return to its roots and have a mix of genres so it incorporates many elements in to an episode like the first season?

Yeah, we'll have a mix of genres like in the first season. Or put more simply, more of what we all like and less (or none) of what really ticked people off last year.

Julia asks: We know that Wade's character will not be a part of season four, and the fans genuinely liked her. A lot of fans feel a degree of hostility towards Maggie's character and Wade's departure has exacerbated this. What reassurances can you provide Sliders fans with that the writers will be developing Maggie's character to make her more sympathetic and less hostile as a member of the group?

As to what I can say to reassure fans of the show regarding Maggie, just watch the new episodes. You'll be pleased. She's funny, complicated, compassionate, charming -- all the things we hoped she'd be. Just wait and see.

Temporal Flux asks: On Usenet, there are several moderated newsgroups relating to television programs. One of the main ones is the Babylon 5 moderated newsgroup that JMS uses to talk with fans and receive feedback. I was wondering if you would like to particpate in something like this for Sliders (especially if there is a season five)?

Regarding moderated newsgroups and our participation on them, it's a possibility.

Viricide asks: Will there be any returning to worlds featured in past episodes to see what has happen since they left and will the sliders have the option to return to a world they visited in the past? If so, will they use this?

Returning to a previous world. Possible, if a cool story occurs to us.

Viricide asks: Will the characters be more developed then they are now?

Will the characters be more developed than they are now? Yes.

Temporal Flux asks: Does the new Egyptian timer have limits(regarding how many people they can bring along, which the old timer did) as well or can it hold more capacity? Does the Egyptian timer have the same 400-500 mile radius as the old one?

The radius and number of people the Egyptian timer allows is similar to the other one. Or even identical (they push the button and it goes...).

Spooky Doo asks: How important is it to you to follow the Sliders mythology and stay within what has been established in previous episodes? Would you break the rules of sliding that has been set up before or make characters act in a way that doesn't fit their personality?

In terms of character consistency and the rules of Sliding, we're trying to stay as consistent as possible. We're mostly concerned that the characters be smart and that they care about each other, treat each other with compassion. As to the rules of Sliding, we'll sometimes bend them a little (if we have a great story) but we try not to break them. And if we do bend them, we come up with some scientific rationale to explain it.

Spooky Doo asks: Will we be seeing anymore doubles of the Sliders?

We'll be seeing more doubles of the Sliders -- in ways we haven't seen them before. It's a lot of fun. One has to be careful not to use it too much, though. I think we've got a good mix this season.

Spooky Doo asks: Has any of the unproduced scripts from the previous seasons been rewritten or produced such as In the Heat of the Moment, Onliners, Twisted Cross, or Beauty World? If not, where could I find scripts to these unproduced episodes? And maybe could you give us a summary of those episodes?

As to unproduced scripts from previous seasons, we haven't made any of them. And since they're unproduced, we really can't send them out. Sorry.

Spooky Doo asks: What exciting special effects sequences can we look forward to?

As to special effects, we're doing an episode called "The Alternateville Horror" that should have some very fun visuals. It's a very funny piece written by Chris Black, our executive story editor.

Spooky Doo asks: How can I become an extra on Sliders?

As to becoming an extra on Sliders, Bill Dial suggests calling Central Casting. Beyond that, I don't know.

Spooky Doo asks: In Genesis, will we find out who has the tracking implant from Invasion?

As to the tracking implant, watch and see.

Spooky Doo asks: Since Maggie can't breath on Earth Prime, how is this dealt in Genesis when they go back to EP?

When Maggie comes back to Earth Prime, we find that her Sliding to so many Earths has allowed an adaptation where she can breathe, albeit with some difficulty.

Shannen asks: Can you give us some clues as to how Quinn will handle the loss of Wade this season? Will he go the "I blame myself" route, or just try not to react too much, like he did with Arturo's death(unless he thought someone was blaming him for Arturo's death..then he reacted!)?

Quinn will mourn the loss of Wade and try hard to find her, but it won't be something that takes center stage.

Shannen asks: If Sliders happens to continue on into another season beyond this one, is there a chance(depending on the finale) that the character of Wade will be brought back..either being played by Sabrina Lloyd, or by another actress altogether? Fans seem split--some think that any Wade is better than none at all, while others don't want to see Wade if she's not played by Sabrina.

As to Wade being brought back, it won't happen this season, but who knows.

Phillip asks: If each daughter universe is a copy of its' parent, how can it have a different quantum signiture?? Is not the physics copied?

As to daughter universes, quantum signatures, etc., Bill Dial answers, "I have no idea." I think I'll let that answer stand.

And that's it! Let's all give Marc a big hand for putting up with our questions! :-D And, on a side note, if you're interested in seeing some of Marc's work, he passes along this message:

"Oh, and you might mention to the fans to watch DS9 the week of Feb. 9th. The episode is "The Far-Off Stars." Yours truly thunk it up. It takes place in Manhattan, 1953, and all the DS9 characters have double roles as science fiction writers."

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