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The dryer buzzed, and Wade got up, making sure she saved her chair by placing her magazine on it. She walked past the dozen or so dryers until she came to her own. She swung open the door and check the clothes inside.

"Damn," she muttered, feeling Quinn's jeans. They were still damp. "You'd think a world run by women would have a more efficient laundry system," she said under her breath as she closed the dryer door and dug through her pockets for another quarter. She deposited it into the coin slot, and returned to her seat. She was unaware of two sets of eyes following her every move from a unmarked car across the street..

A tall, blonde woman in her mid 30's refocused her binoculars on the small figure inside the building. "Think that's her, for sure?" said Detective Specateli.

Dr. Morris, a 30-ish African American woman, looked at a mug shot lying on her lap. "Without a doubt. Her hair's different, but that's her."

"Think that means the Patriots are here too?" Specateli asked, retrieving her gun from it's holster and releasing her seat belt.

"What are you doing!" Morris hissed. "You can't walk into a crowded laundromat in the middle of a Saturday morning firing like some vigaliante out for justice!"

"Well, I hardly think she's going to come with us voluntarily..." Specateli said, reholstering her gun.

"Let's just sit back and wait," Morris reasoned. "If the Patriots *are* here, she'll lead us to them."

A slight look of anger crossed Specateli's face. She didn't like being told how to do her job by an outsider. If she had her choice, she'd march in there and arrest Welles right now. Because of the Patriots escaping on her watch, Specateli had become the laughing stock of the police department. She's lost out on at least two promotions because of the incident. Now that this golden opportunity had fallen into her lap, she didn't want to waste one second when it came to hauling Welles back to the station. But--she did have to admit that hauling Welles *and* the Patriots in would look alot better on her review sheet than bringing in Welles alone.

Specateli settled back into her seat, watching the Laundromat like a hawk. "It's a good thing we got a tip this morning from that laundry attendant. She said she saw her picture in the paper-- maybe keeping this story in the public eye wasn't such a bad idea after all," she said, although if the truth be told, she would prefer to forget it entirely.

"Where do you think they've been hiding all this time?" asked Morris. "I mean, we combed the entire city.."

"My guess is Australia. That whole thing just reeked as some sort of Aussie plot to get their prize breeder back," Specateli spat out, her contempt for the Aussies very evident.

"You really think it was the Australians?" Morris asked.

"Sure," Specateli said. "I wouldn't put *anything* past them. In fact, Welles' reappearance here may be another Aussie plot--maybe they think we Americans are so dumb that all they have to do is change her haircolor and we'll fall for the same old trick again!"

"What about that woman who showed up with one of the Patriots..umm..Mallory? What was her name?" Morris asked, riffling through the notes on her lap. " Here it is. Jane Hill. Think she's involved? Maybe we should keep an eye on her, in case they try to contact her..."

"No," Specialeti said, shaking her head. "We interrogated her thoroughly. She said she found Mallory walking down the road. He flagged her down and told her he'd been taken from the BRP by some Aussie spies, but had managed to escape. He asked her to take him to a rendezvous point, where he was supposed to meet with the BRP so he could be returned. She was an innocent bystander--her story checks out."

The two women settled back, watching and waiting.

Inside the Laundromat, Wade got the distinct feeling she was being watched. She'd felt it for a while now, but had chalked it up to her own paranoia about getting caught. But the nagging feeling persisted, and it wasn't too long before she decided not to keep ignoring it.

She got up and crossed the room to her dryer. If someone *was* watching her, it wouldn't do to be caught with Quinn's clothes--they might wonder what she was doing with a pair of men jeans. She stuffed the clothes in the bag she'd brought along, and headed for the ladies room at the back of the laundromat.

Once inside, she took Quinn's clothes out of the bag, and stuffed them deep into the trash can, taking some trash out to cover the clothes. "Sorry Quinn, " she thought to herself. "I know this was your favorite shirt, but..."

She finished covering the clothes in the trash can and picked up her bag. If she was just being paranoid, she could always come back and get the clothes later. She exited the restroom and headed for a small exit that lead into an alley.

"Ok--she left," Morris said. "She went down that alley--we'll drive around the block and catch up with her on the other side."

"I'm already two steps ahead of you," Specialeti, pulling out into traffic before Morris had even finished her sentence.

Wade walked along, trying to look casual. She though her best bet was just to walk around aimlessly, rather than lead whomever might be watching her back to the Dominion. She noticed a non descript silver car shadowing her every turn.

This aimless wandering continued for about 20 minutes. Wade popped in and out of a few stores along the way, hoping to lose the car, but everytime she glanced behind her, it was there.

"Dammit! She's trying to ditch us," Specialeti said angrily. "She's not leading us anywhere except in circles! We tried it your way, now we're going to do it my way!" With that, she pulled the car over next to the curb and got out, her handcuffs ready.

Specialeti caught up to Wade in a few strides, and reached for her wrist. She grabbed it, and before Wade knew what was happening, she was being whirled around, her arm twisted behind her back.

"I think you've done all the walking you're going to do today, " Specialeti said. She pushed Wade down against a nearby car. She grabbed Wade's other hand, securing them behind her back with the handcuffs.

Wade had caught a glimpse of the woman when she was being followed, and recognized her as the detective who had arrested Quinn, Rembrandt, and Arturo on their last visit. Now, with *herself* being arrested, she forced herself to think. If this had been another world, getting arrested would have been no big deal. She would have just used her phone call to call Quinn or Rembrandt, and one of them would have come down to bail her out. Short of that, they would at least be aware of the situation, and would be able to work on a way to get her out.

But on this world, it wasn't that simple. Wade knew she wasn't going to be able to call the Dominion and get Quinn to come bail her out of this one. The police would probably trace the call--if they let her have one at all. She had to figure out a way to let the others know what had happened, without telling them herself.

Wade figured the only way out of this was to draw attention to herself. So when Specialeti pulled her up from the car, she started kicking, yelling and screaming as loud as she could, attracting the attention of more than a few passerbys. Wade was almost sure that reports of the police arresting some deranged individual would have to show up somewhere, either in the newspaper or hopefully on the news. That way, Quinn and Rembrandt would know what happened to her, and try to find some way of helping her.

At least she hoped so

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