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Quinn paced across the room like a caged animal. Every so often, he'd stalk up to the door and look out the peephole. Rembrandt sat on the bed, watching him.

"Come on, come on!" Quinn said, staring at the door, as if his gaze could cause Wade to walk through it. "Where is she? She's been gone for hours!"

Rembrandt sighed. "I dunno, man. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this."

"Starting to?" Quinn said sarcastically. "I got a bad feeling about 10 minutes after we landed on this world!"

"Hey! I know you're worried, but taking it out on me isn't going to help Wade. We've got to put our heads together and think. How are we going to get outside and find out what happened to Wade?"

Quinn nodded. "You're right Remmie. I'm sorry I snapped. It's just..." Quinn let his words trail off as he shrugged and looked at his feet.

"I know. You don't have to tell me...I know how much you care about Wade," Rembrandt said. "I care about her too. That's why we need to figure out what we're gonna do."

"Well," Quinn said, looking over at the dresses they had worn the day before, now in a small heap in the corner, "We could always pose as women again. We did OK earlier. What do ya think, Remmie?"

"I think that it's gonna be mighty difficult to do a jailbreak in a dress," Rembrandt said, pointing to the TV.

Quinn couldn't believe his eyes. There, on the noon news, was Wade, being dragged kicking and screaming into a police car, while a tourist's home video camera captured it all..

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